Thursday, 31 May 2012

Pond cleaning and snail saving (guest post)

Our Pond

There is something rather therapeutic about cleaning the pond, so on Saturday I retrieved the pond net and began my little task, operation pond gook.  I got really stuck into it, got a great rhythm going with the net and then even pulled out leaves and gunk where the net wouldn’t go.

Snails in pond gook
The pond is full of snails. I tried carefully not to pick any up but it was hard not to; today was all about saving the snails.  I rummaged through each slop pile returning any shell backed slimeys I’d scooped.  God only knows what they were thinking, me launching them 6 ft across the pond.  This is turning into operation snail save.    

The pond looking much cleaner
I then sat by the pond and a bright blue damson fly came by and perched right in front of me.  Unfortunately I had my camera on lock and by the time I’d realised it was too late. 

Wild flowers by the pond
Later on in the back garden I was left instructions to water the plants.  I thought I would wash myself off after cleaning the pond with the new hose but who knew, I was too stupid.  

I must have turned it on too quick as the connecting bit just flew right off.  So I sorted it out and did it slowly but nothing was happening so I turned it a bit more; now the whole thing is off the tap.  After my phone lesson in hosing it is now on and working.

The sun is on its way down now so I may go give his plants a water then settle with some vino after my day of snail saving and sunbathing. 


Thanks to my girlfriend for this post :) and for doing the pond :) and for watering the plants while I was out at Alabama 3:

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