Thursday, 10 May 2012

Spiky, slimy and feathery friends

Just now there was GREAT excitement in our house as, while we were watching tv I noticed a hedgehog toddling past the back windows. It wandered around the back yard, going all the way into the back weeds and then disappeared around the house. I got a picture and it made me think "I know I'll do a blog post with the pictures I've taken of wildlife in our back yard".

And this is it.

First of all, a pretty butterfly from last summer.

A pheasant spotted at the bottom of the garden, late last year.

The ducks that visited us a couple of times.

Spotted this while taking the chillis out to the greenhouse one morning last week.

Harry the Hedgehog (named by Jamie)... that was an awesome thing to see wandering around the garden (not least because they love eating slugs and I don't like slugs near my veg).

The MOST AMAZING animal I have had visit (but I didn't get a picture because it was over in such a flash) was when I was clearing the pond and the heron was standing RIGHT behind me, and then took off past my right ear, across the pond, banked and back past me again. I am SUCH a huge fan of herons so this was a pretty awesome experience for me.

So yeah, short update - I hope you like these pictures :)

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