Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Planting for winter growth

I have just got back from the trip to our perfect destination to get the hell out this country, and I've come with  a new found desire to plant.

Well, actually, this is not really a new found desire - I've been gagging to get back into the garden ever since I moved.

So really, it was just the fact that I had the opportunity, post 10 hours of travelling, to get out and plant some of the seeds I bought the other week, in pots in the back garden.

It was good to dig out my box of gardening stuff from where I'd hidden it during the move.

The special box of gardening stuff, including seed box (left)

Three bags of potting compost, and some cloches to protect the seedlings through winter.

The lettuce pot prior to cleaning out autumn's gifts...

Seven holes for seven lettuce seeds, prior to putting said seeds into said holes and watering.

Planted, covered and watered - hopefully some winter lettuce (or if not, just a pot full of soil hah)

I am also test-planting some red onions, in the hope they may come up early next year.

And some broccoli too, I have put a few seeds in here, an will thin it out once the seedlings show (if they do) in a few weeks.

My little garden, covered lightly to protect from birds, but not yet under-cloche.

Finally, a little treat for inside the house; a citrus tree. It has produced some fruits, but I doubt this will occur again until we get it out this country.

So, there you have it. I'm back in the saddle, and there will be more updates as I plant more things over the next few weeks, and also updates of the progress of these plantings...