Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Building the Whisky Cabinet Part One (mostly not gardening related)

So today's blog isn't actually about gardening, but it is kinda about homesteading because I've been creative and constructive and made the base part to my whisky cabinet :)

I have designed this all myself and over the last 3 days have finally put it together.

I have learned a lot about wood work over this period; mainly "don't be stupid!" as in, I left a piece of the wood standing on it's narrow end by accident and it fell, and broke.

So, without further ado, here follows the picture diary of my whisky cabinet building experience.

So, lesson 1: measure twice, cut once. I made a mistake with the left hand cut out, but discovered this when checking my measurements again.

I used my old Black n Decker jigsaw to cut out each shape. In this picture I'm carefully shaving across a small amount at a time.

The finished cut out. During this I learned another lesson; cut from the outside in. My next attempt caused me to ruin this section as I cut the inside line, then went to cut the outside and hadn't secured it so it vibrated and split the wood. Idiot that I am.

Me wielding my tool (as it were)

More tool wielding :)

At the end of day one; I have cut each required piece and it all fits together.

Prior to staining the wood I am drilling and counter sinking holes for screwing the unit together. These were measured (twice) and marked onto the wood before any holes were drilled.

Staining the wood; before with Ronseal (tm)

And after. Lovely colour, I think you'll agree.

Mid stain :) Though it didn't say on the label that it was "wood and hand stain".

Screwing the whole thing together... I found out that the manual screwdriver was actually easier to use and gave up with the electric driver after the picture was taken.

The finished product! edit: those are not undrunk bottles of whisky; I just keep them in the boxes. Most of those have been opened apart from the miniatures which are Kilchoman Inaugural Release and will maybe be opened just before the sky falls down.

Well, not quite finished; this is only half of it. There is an upright section yet to be built which is next on my list.

And in other (gardening) news; I now have more than 100 tomatoes, the chillis are looking good, potatoes going insane but nothing from carrots, parsnips, cabbage or spring onions (or mint) ((or peppers)).

So yeah; bad weather forces internal work to be done.


  1. After having my arm twisted and being sent on a very long guilt trip I felt duty bound to visit. Well. I am glad I did. I have not laughed so much for ..oh..15 mins. Crackin' job. But the main question persists; why do you have so much untouched Whisky? Do you have no friends? Or am I correct in assuming you keep all your old cardboard containers cos they is pretty?
    Looking forward to the next titillating installment.

  2. Haha most of the bottles have been opened, and I normally share my whisky at parties. I do drink it of an evening but not that regularly; I suppose I think of it as a treat :)

    I'm glad you enjoyed the read :) normal service will resume with gardening though :)