Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Dig Dig SNAP!

The best laid plans and all that...

Today I decided to try and dig out a bit more of the garden to make space for more potatoes, maybe some carrots and parsnips and certainly some horse radish for my house mate... 

this is what I was digging out.

And this is what happened! You know when you don't know your own strength :D

Of course I got the plant out and have a little more of a vegetable garden to go at, once I've gone and bought myself another (better made) spade.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Digging, and planting, potatoes

So another nice weekend day, and another load more digging. I managed to turn over this entire plot to a depth of about 2 foot, and removed a load of glass, weeds, roots and stones. This plot contains Maris Peer potatoes, which I've never heard of but hopefully will provide a good crop of tastiness.

I have another load of potatoes yet to plant, but I need to dig roughly the same again somewhere else in the garden and, bizarre as it may sound, I'm running out of space where I can do that.

Watch this space...

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Digging for potatoes

While appreciating the progress made in the onion/garlic bed I decided to target the next bed, for carrots and potatoes. I have a lot more space around this area but I've dug a small-ish bed at first.I also have three old tyres so I can test which works best, a dug out bed, or fake deep bed in the tyres. Watch this space



The first bed dug.

Now to find some carrots and potatoes to plant

Green Shoots

It was a lovely fresh day today, so I went to check on my existing growing things and, JOY OH JOY!! we have some green shoots :) so some pictures have been taken.

The herb garden, fruitful as ever
Garlic starting to sprout through!

Garlic making itself known

Some crocuses(?) that have just start appearing around the garden

Lovely sun on the grass, new veg plot being done on the right near the orange wheel barrow
Gorgeous day, gorgeous garden.