Sunday, 19 February 2012

A man, he gotta DIG!

So it's been a long winter, and so I've not been posting but now I'm back and today I went outside digging out a vegetable patch :)

So, for your pleasure, below are a selection of photographs showing my progress today :) I feel GOOD!!!

1. The Herb patch, post weeding, showing the winter survivors.

2. Starting to dig out the vegetable patch, ready for Onion Stuttgarter Giant :)

3. Vital fuel for a digging man - that and chocolate.

4. My wheel barrow with lawn dug out to make space for veg :)

5. The first planted section, now housing little baby Stuttgarter Giant Onions

6. Starting to dig out the next section

7. A friendly little robin that was hopping around all the time I was digging.

8. The finished vegetable patch

9. Left to right: Stuttgarter Giant Onion, Karmen Onion, Red Sun Shallot and Casablanca Garlic