Monday, 21 May 2012

A kitchen windowsill herb garden

I have been planning on using some of those plastic trays that food comes on nowadays as planters for some "picking" herbs to sit on the kitchen windowsill, and today I got the 10 mins I needed to get this done.

I filled each tub half full with compost

And then planted, by dibbing a 5mm hole, a couple of seeds in each hole. I have Rosemarry, Thyme, Sage and Basil (last not pictured)

And finally watered each bed liberally.

All four are now sat on my windowsill; I will report back on progress.

In other news I have planted a couple of planters with Lettuce

I've planted about 10 plants in each planter, and will thin the seedlings to retain 4 or 5 per planter.

I did a bit of weeding around the garden this evening, and removed the plaster tunnel from over the carrots and parsnips as they are looking far more established now.

I also took a couple of quick photographs of things I saw while clearing around the garden.

A flower on our Chives

A cluster of buttercups in rough ground near the potato patch

Finally for today, one of my twitter contacts @pipcymru has asked me to post a question to you all as he is having a bit of an issue with last year's raspberries coming through his grass.

They were planted in a wooden barrel last year, but have now appeared with new sprouts through the grass.

If anyone has any thoughts how to deal with this please leave a comment, or contact him direct on the twitter account above.

Edit: thanks to andy, the advice given is, if you do not want to rip up your grass, just cut back the growth regularly and this will starve the roots.

Cheers for reading.

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