Monday, 4 June 2012

Close up of progress around the garden

A mainly picture led post today, with close ups of everything I am growing.

Thyme seedlings

A couple of Sage seedlings


Tomato forest

Parsley tree :)

Corriander flowers


Lettuce seedlings

Hanging basket tomatoes; doing very well

Little apples developing :)

Stuttgarter Giant Onions

Karmen Red Onions

Red Sun Shallots

Casablanca Garlic


Carrots; most of the seedlings have been taken by birds; cover these with netting in future!

Main bed tomatoes


Cabbages (ready for thinning)

Peppers, just prior to being potted out into 3" pots

So there you have it.  This blog post was started last week but, while I was in the middle of typing it up, my laptop completely died and I have only just managed to recover the pictures and get another laptop working so I could complete it. So these pics are actually a few days old and, now, we have a seedling appearing for the Rosemary so we have a 100% record on the Kitchen Windowsill Herb Garden!

Right I'm off now to thin the Cabbage, protect the remaining Carrots from marrauding birds, and generally weed and earth up and maintain, all the stuff that one has to do to keep the garden growing how you want it to (cos you know it'll grow without you, but all the food would be swamped by weeds)

I'll blog again soon.


  1. Now then...where's the protein going to come from?

    Rabbits or chickens?

  2. haha either :) we have no animals at the mo, that'll be for when we leave the country... must admit I'm tempted by keeping ducks too :D