Monday, 14 May 2012

Earthing the potatoes and a progress report

So today I earthed the potatoes, as they were starting to get a little big on me...

The potatoes in the tyres are almost above the second tyre now (going to have to find some more old tyres from somewhere soon, as I've only got one left.)

I have filled the entire bottom tyre,and started to fill the second tyre with soil.

Before earthing up the open bed; they are not growing as large, but there are a LOT of them.

After earthing them up; this is something I can see myself having to do more regularly now they are really starting to grow.

Onto other things; I have worked out that I think my parsnips and carrots have rotted in the ground. I am going to have to resow. I will be giving them another few days, and to this end have bought some polytunnel to put over them.

These polytunnels (there are two in shot) were about £10 each from B & Q and seem great.

Additionally my peppers have shown (I have four seedlings now)

Yes I know, I bought a "seed and soil" packet; so shoot me :)

Finally, latest picture of the sweetcorn:

I have been taking daily photographs of the progress these are making; they are going SO well!

So, thanks for reading once again and I hope you keep reading.


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