Sunday, 27 May 2012

Potting out the sweetcorn

The sweetcorn that I planted as seeds a few weeks ago has grown SO fast!

Below are a few "daily photographs" to demonstrate just how fast, once it showed, it has shot up...

 Day 1
 Day 2
 Day 3
 Day 4
 Day 5
 Day 6
 Day 7

I haven't taken any daily pics for the last few days, but they had grown so much they were above the white bar visible above them in the last picture.

So I decided that today (well yesterday, as I'm typing this) was the right time to plant these seedlings out into the prepared bed that I dug out and cleared and dug in some good compost over the previous few weeks.

The tray of sweetcorn seedlings next to the bed, before I raked and cleared it finally

Post raking - I've broken up the big lumps of soil and taken out some MORE glass

Digging a hole for the first seedlings

Splitting the root ball up; this was a bad idea in the end, and later I'll show a better method of doing this.

The two seedlings nicely bedded in and ready for watering.

A better method of splitting the root ball; spraying it with the hose to clear all the soil away and allow the water to untangle the roots leaving....

... a nice clean plant and root system which can be replanted without any breakages.

The final plant bed, hopefully these will continue to grow at the same rate and some BBQs will be in our future, with corn on the cob straight off the plant :)

I am thinking of starting some more sweetcorn seedlings straight away, in case some of these don't take, and also possibly to extend the bed to grow some more.

To add another chapter to the "Tomato Tolstoy" I have finally potted out every seedling into larger pots, I doubled up the hanging baskets so there are two plants in each now. Now to keep watering them EVERY day and seeing which grows best.

The rest of the garden is coming on very well too; I will need to be pricking out the lettuce, carrots and parsnips soon as they are looking far more established. No sign yet of Lettuces, but the Kitchen Window herb garden is looking good.

Today was so warm I have come inside to do this blog rather than be outside in the sun; think I'll go back out now though as it's baking out there and I do like the sun.

Final comment; the pond is much clearer now, and today I saw lots of fish in it and a large frog that stuck it's head out through some weed to cool down, then splashed off after a couple of minutes. There were also some Damsel Flies scooting around, but photographs of them just didn't come out.

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