Sunday, 20 May 2012

Potting out tomatoes Pt 2

I potted my tomatoes out yesterday, ready to give them away to any of you who want some.

So far I have taken orders for eight plants so I have a fair few more yet to give away; please do not be shy!

Anyway, any of you who follow me on twitter will know that last night I was panicking as a LOT of the plants were looking very droopy and sad looking and I thought I'd killed them all.

The tomato plants just after repotting, in the greenhouse and looking VERY worse for wear

They look exhausted from the ordeal

Well anyway, I took some advice from @andyfereday67 (which is detailed on the previous blog post) to plant the seedlings down the first new leaves. I also pulled the weakest looking of the plants inside.

Really sad looking, repotted, tomato seedlings inside in the window (happier looking plants visible behind in the large what boxes provided by Higham Flowers.

I then had a brain wave to put them under lights during the evening (while I played pictionary; I am SO cool)...

And this is what they look like today :)

I am so chuffed they appear to have been saved by careful repotting and LEAVING THEM ALONE.

The ones that I left outside in the greenhouse are also looking happier, and all the ones that I planted planning to keep are looking very perky too.

So please comment on here, or email me at if you want to have some of these lovely seedlings and make my hard work worth while :)

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