Friday, 18 May 2012

A basic status update

So today is just a simple current state of affairs of everything that I am growing. I have just taken these following a quick half hour blast of weeding around the garden over my lunch break. Someone today said that gardening takes away my anger; I think that is a very accurate description of the calming effect just grubbing around and taking little weeds out of the soil with your bare hands. Epic relaxation.

Stuttgarter Giant Onions

Karmen Red Onions

Red Sun Shallots

Casablanca Garlic

Parsnips (oh yeah!!)

Parnsips close up :) definitely coming through well now they are under plastic

Carrots (another ooohhhh yeahhh!!)

Carrots close up :)

Cabbage seedlings through the netting

Main bed potatoes

Old tyre potatoes (due for another tyre now I think)

(left to right) parsley, chives, corriander.





The only two plants not showing any green yet is the mint (which is a major surprise) and the spring onions.

This weekend I am going to be splitting the tomato plants out into separate pots ready for offering around to people.  A hint provided me by @Fat_Jacques "put marigolds among tomatoes, [it] helps tomatoes with aphids and other pests."

As always, I am really keen for any advice like this, as a first time gardener, so please do not hesitate to provide advice on the comments here, or through my twitter account (@rhmgroo)

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