Saturday, 19 May 2012

Potting out tomatoes

So I have gotten round to taking the tomato plants out of the seed trays and putting them into bigger pots, ready for giving out to any of you who want them, and who I can get them to.

I have got 47 separate pots with at least one plant in each, all ready for collection/delivery next week.

So please, at the end of this post, leave a comment with how many of these you want.  All I ask is that, if possible, you give me the pot back when move the plant into it's final location so I can reuse them for other things (maybe in Bulgaria, who knows...)

So, first of all, a photo diary of the process. This took me AGES!!!

A collection of different sized pots. The ones in front are for the plants that I am keeping.

Soil going into the Candy Floss pots...

... and into the main planters for my own plants

Starting to pot them out; first two of forty seven plants!

The first double row of pots, each with a seedling in it.

This is what 47 tomato plants looks like. They have since been moved into the greenhouse to keep them protected ready for you to have them. I'm hoping the droop that you see will perk up as they settle into their new homes.

The tomato plants at the back of the herb garden; I will be hanging a trellis (if they grow well) for them to grow up off that back wall.

So, I still have more probably 20 seedlings in trays inside, ready for moving into hanging baskets, and maybe planting out into soil.

Please add your name, and how many plants you want, to the comments section :)


Lessons learned during this process

  • plant them up to the small leaves (cotyledons)
  • do NOT move them around by the stem, but use the leaves
  • plant them in moist, not soaking wet, compost (thanks to andy fereday for these tips)

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