Thursday, 24 May 2012

Earthing potatoes, and lots of progress

So I was whinged at at work today because there was no blog last night so I'm here again with a super update for you.

Bear with me, this is VERY long update, but I hope you think it's worth it.

First of all, I have just finished properly earthing up my potatoes, both by filling in the ones in the tyre, and bringing in some earth from elsewhere in the garden and doing the main bed potatoes.

Me and my big belly doing the earthing up of the main bed potatoes

Both tyres are now full of earth, and I am going to add the third tyre in the next few days.

The potatoes are looking REALLY strong (particularly the ones in the tyre) so I'm really hopeful for a good crop.

I've no idea how to know when to start harvesting though (a theme that is going to go through this whole post).

I also cut the grass today and I've started an "open compost heap" as my contained heap is REALLY close to full.

I am covering it with the tarpaulin in the background, and turning it regularly.

I now have a large number of progress photographs for you lucky, lucky people.

There are some exciting things actually :)

Stuttgarter Giant Onions (any hints on when I'll know these are ready to harvest?)

Karmen Red Onions (as above, hints on harvesting tells would be very useful)

Red Sun Shallots (ditto for harvesting clues)

Casablanca Garlic (the leaves are starting to go brown; does this indicate anything?)

My housemate today took a little leaf from the garlic and onion and proclaimed the flavour "gorgeous" so that is very promising for the taste of the bulbs....

The cabbage coming on nicely underneath the bird-protection-netting.

Parnsips showing well; I have about 5 or 6 lines like this one :)

Carrots also coming through in clumps; I must not have sowed these very well ;)

A very bad photograph of an apple that is growing at the base of one of the flowers on the apple tree :) YAY!

Chives, with one fully open flower (and others on their way)

Corriander growing upwards; it is interesting cos our plant from last year grow outwards more...

Parsley. This week we cut enough off this to put into eight bags and gave them away to people at work :)

Some of my tomatoes that I am keeping outside at the moment, doing very well.

The tomatoes that I am keeping inside; again looking healthy. I have a LARGE number still to give away (I've given away 24 already, and have orders for another 13 so operation Give-Away-The-Tomato-Plant-Seedlings is going very well)

The peppers, coming on well with 6 different seedlings now obvious.

The chilli plants. And yes I am VERY jealous of Jon's which are apparently about a foot high now. gutted.

The sweetcorn; I reckon this will be good to go out this weekend! Outstanding!

Greek Basil, bought by my girlfriend and being kept in the Kitchen windowsill  herb garden

The Kitchen windowsill herb garden; nothing showing yet, but still I wanted a picture.

So the only two things at the moment which are not showing are the Mint and the Spring Onions.

I have been asked a LOT over the last couple of days (for obvious reasons) for my hints and tips for growing tomatoes so *drum roll* here they are (please do feel free to correct me, or suggest more for this section:

  • Water them regularly; they are thirsty
  • Do not put them where they will be subjected to direct sunlight for hour after hour; this will burn them. They like sunlight, but also like shade
  • If they do get burned (see earlier blog) then remove the effected leaves; this seems to help (I do not know why)
That is the sum total of my "what do I do with these tomato seedlings you just gave me?" responses :)

So, if anyone can advise me on more tomato care, or indeed on the "when do I harvest these onions/shallots/garlic", I would be most grateful.

Thanks for reading this stupendously long blog entry.

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