Sunday, 30 September 2012

Whisky Part 2 - Kilchoman

In the absence of anything gardening related to tell you (mainly because I am shutting this garden down preparatory to moving to the new place, I have decided to continue my whisky series with Part 2 - Kilchoman.

A little bit of background. On my amazing whisky tour with my best mate, we happened to end up at Kilchoman the week they released their Inaugural Expression. We were one tour away from being able to buy big bottles, but the LAST tour which got the opportunity to buy miniatures. This has sparked something very like an obsession where I am attempting to buy every bottle that Kilchoman releases. This has resulted in the collection pictured above, and detailed below, and is starting to become expensive ;)

Anyway, without any further ado:

Kilchoman Inaugrual Expression Miniatures. Very proud of these. They are (apparently) quite valuable now also. I doubt I'll ever drink even one of these... well, maybe only one.

Kilchoman Machir Bay. This is VERY highly recommended by myself. It has a fantastic smoky flavour, but is not too harsh for someone just coming into peated whisky. At about £35 a bottle it is also exceptional value and I would really advise every whisky drinker to have a bottle or three of this. I plan on having a cellar-worth of this when I leave, so I never run out. I drink this a LOT.

Kilchoman's Spring 2010 release. This is made with spirit that has been matured off the island, so is not 100% Islay, but is still a very nice dram. For such young whisky, Kilchoman really does pack a taste-punch past a lot of 8-10yr distillations.

Kilchoman 2006 Release. Once again another exceptional dram, I for one am very excited about when Kilchoman starts to release it's 10 and 15 yr whiskies. With taste like this at 3 years, the older they get, the more impressive they will surely become.

The inaugural 100% Islay release. This is special as 100% of everything that goes into this bottle (from growing the barley to bottling the matured spirit) takes place on Islay, at the little farm that is Kilchoman's base. This, I feel, will also accrue nicely in value (and I bought two bottle of it so eventually this will be drunk).

Second edition of the 100% Islay. Once again, every single thing is grown, malted, brewed, distilled, barrelled, stored and bottled on Islay.

Kilchoman Single Cask Release. This I own purely courtesy of the lovely Tent101 on the twitter, who was up on Islay and managed to scrag me one of the last bottles :) I am very VERY grateful that I got this.  I'm not sure what occassion will cause me to open this bottle, but it'll have to be a pretty awesome one!

I do, additionally, have another bottle of Kilchoman which is still in it's delivery packaging as I have stored it up. One of these days I may take it out and show it you.

Anyway, there you have it. I am a LITTLE bit of a Kilchoman geek and very proud of this fact.

If you want to buy any of these (well, the ones that are still available) you can go direct to and they will ship it out to you (and no I am NOT on commission)