Monday, 3 September 2012

Taking inside tomatoes out, and other progress

Hello there fellow growing enthusiasts.

Today is an update especially for those of my regular readership who are continually agitating for news on the tomatoes.

Unfortunately, while I was away gallivanting in my "soon to be retreat" location, and despite excellent care from my Business Partner and my Housemate, the indoor tomatoes have suffered greatly and are no longer really looking healthy enough for me to fight to save them. I have been looking after them carefully for the past five days or so, but each day they look more and more unwell. Even more sadly, one of my chilli plants has also gone the way of the great greenhouse in the sky.

One little tomato, next to a mass of wilting greenery.

It isn't such a great loss though as, in terms of fruitfulness, the interior plants have been a great disappointment. I have had two tomatoes off them but for the amount of foliage I was expecting far more.

I have moved the plants outside to see if being in the fresh air helps at all, and also to clear the light for the chillis that remain. God there is a LOT of tomato plant here, huh!

Anyway, having sorted this out I have taken the following photographs purely for the tomato-fetishists amongst you.

This plant was a runt which I almost threw away, then just pushed randomly into my herb garden - it is doing quite well now huh :)

If all of these can ripen off in any remaining sun we get this year I will be very happy, otherwise I think I'll be making chutney with the green tomatoes.

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