Thursday, 6 September 2012

Ripening fruit

The chillis and the tomatoes have been ripening apace, benefiting from the sun that has finally shown itself in the sky this week.

The two chillis that were slowly reddening the other day are now almost entirely red and ready for harvesting, and one of the outside tomato plants has three or four tomatoes that are starting to turn and are now a lovely orange colour.

The two red chillis, with some other green ones nestling behind.

The nearest chilli isn't quite fully turned yet, as you can see the dark green of it's behind.

Tomatoes far more on the turn now too - you can still see some flowers out too, which hopefully will get pollinated and become even more tomatoes.

Whilst I was out taking these photographs I noticed a spider which had spun it's web near the chillis and thought I'd get a quick snap to show you all.

A spider hanging in a web near the outside chilli plants.

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