Sunday, 2 September 2012

Blackberry Fly and eating apple

Hello again, I know I've been a while since posting an update, but that is because I have been out of the country for a bit.

I've not got that many pictures to upload today, I'll get some more tomorrow, as the outside tomato plants are going great guns and I want to photograph them, but for now I have a short update about two different fruits that are now being harvested.

First of all, I risked life, limb and skin-integrity picking more blackberries from around the garden the other day. While doing so I saw a dead fly attached to a blackberry, as if still eating it.

 While going on collecting I saw a few more of these; I can only presume that the fly ate until it expired.

I've just got back from a lovely walk and camp in the lake district and, while packing lunch for the walk, I finally got round to picking an apple off the tree.

The apple, pre-bite.

This was eaten sat on Walla Crag, above Keswick, and it was SO SO tasty!

I munched every little bit that I could, enjoying every mouthful.

Right, I'm done. There will be tomato related bloggage shortly.


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