Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Chilli on a pizza

I hope you have all missed me.

I have a great excuse for not posting for so long. Virgin Media are rubbish and my internet has been down (and is still being very temperamental) so I have not been able to get on here to update the blog.

Also, the weather has continued being awful and so getting out to do ANYTHING outside has been an impossibility.

My update today involves another instance of first-tasting of some of my produce - my chillis... and the first foodstuff to enjoy the garnish of home-grown-chilli? A pizza from Tesco :(

Anyway, onwards with the update.

This is the ruby red shiny lovely chilli that I harvested from the plant on the bedroom window sill.

I have chopped the chilli into rings, taking great care to lose none of the seeds.

The chillis have been placed carefully on top of the (not frozen) pizza bought from Tesco. (Other supermarkets are available)

The cooked pizza, ready to be eaten.

I did take a picture of my girlfriend eating it, but I don't think she'd be very pleased if I published that one!

The chilli was great! I rubbed my lips after chopping it, and the burn stayed for at least an hour. In the eating, they had a long and lasting heat, combined with good flavour and they were not too hot that the heat overpowered the rest of the pizza.

Anyway, I'll be back (virgin broadband permitting) tomorrow with a blog about the Green Tomato Chutney that I have made with onions and tomatoes grown by my very good self.


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