Monday, 3 September 2012

Chillis on the turn (and some other stuff)

I have some very exciting updates today.

Last night (when I am actually writing this, now) I went to water the chillis and noticed a little discolouration on the ones on the bedroom windowsill. So I ran to get my camera and THEN noticed that, when I looked closer, it was more than just a slight discolouration, but a large bright red stain spreading from both ends of the largest chilli, and starting on another.

The chilli which is turning the most

Both the reddening chillis.

The chillis downstairs are still green. You can still see the remnants of the flower stretched around the tip of the chilli on the right!

One of the downstairs chillis enjoying the space now that I have moved all the indoor tomatoes out of the way.

A shot of just how poor the inside tomatoes had become. I will be monitoring these over the next few days, and will update with more shots.

While taking these pictures I also got a couple of other pics of the tomatoes outside, and the apple tree (minus my EXCEPTIONALLY tasty apple which I picked the other day)

 The outside apples, seen through the newly-uncovered window post indoor-tomato-removal.

The apples, also seen from inside the house and through the aforementioned window.

Finally for today, I cooked myself chicken and chips and picked some of the new planting of the lettuce to eat. It was outstanding.

The lettuce, well grown now and very ready for eating....

... and sitting on my plate prior to eating.

So there you are. Tomorrow I will fill you in on the state of the kitchen windowsill herb garden.... and also some hints I've received about growing better onions, and when to harvest my parsnips.....

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