Thursday, 12 July 2012

Some pictures on my NEW CAMERA!

So today's post is not really inspired by any progress in the garden, but by the fact that I have bought myself a nice new digital SLR and yesterday I went round the garden a bit playing with it.

So, without further ado, here are a selection of pictures I took yesterday.

Tomato flowers

The tomato bush inside

My drawing board, with more tomato plants next to it

Lily in the pond

Another of the lilies in the pond

Slightly different shot of the lilies in the pond

And again...


Long distance zoom shot of a rose in the bushes outside the front of the house

The ditch at the front; needs clearing again ALREADY!

Honeysuckle close up

Honeysuckles again

Blackberry blossom close up

Blackberry blossom, and slowly developing blackberry fruit

Looking across the front garden wilderness (the pond is in there somewhere)

The front of our house

Our bench next to the pond.

So there you are, some pictures on the new camera and, while I have a LOT to learn about how it works, I think you have to agree the quality of the pictures has improved somewhat.

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