Friday, 13 July 2012

First Tomato Appears!

I was just on the phone to my mother (happy birthday, by the way!) and while I was looking at my tomato plants inside and I suddenly noticed something that had missed my notice before.


I am very very excited.

So, for your excitement:

My first tomato. Get IN!

I have also started getting some buds developing on the chilli plants.

Nascent flowers on my chilli plants.

Hopefully I am going to have better luck with these than I appear to be having with the potatoes. The tomato plants are being very thirsty, and the plants outside are not as tall as those inside, but are looking squat and healthy with quite a smattering of flowers now.

In contrast, the Chilli plants outside are looking bedraggled and battered, but hey; with this weather can you blame them!

Finally, just for @ranty_pants:

My new camera :)

I think you have to agree that the quality of photograph from my new camera is really an amazing improvement!



  1. (sorry for dupe comment, WordPress fail)
    yay tomato! I've got a decent amount of green ones, but ripening appears to be a problem. Sun fail.

    And, nice case :)

    1. Only one appeared, so don't worry :)

      Yeah... I'm worried about this complete lack of sun; maybe can just make chutney?

      I've bought some soft cases for travelling with it; it's a little large for when you're flying only with carry-on hah.

    2. Mine have been green for a while .. last year failed completely (and was different variety previously) and so I can't recall how long the ripening usually is.

      Also have got a flower - singlular - on the giant beef-tomato .. hoping it's working up to something epic ...