Thursday, 19 July 2012

Planting my second batch of Lettuce

Last night I finally got round to doing something that I have wanted to do for a week or so now; I have planted out a second batch of Lettuce.

The lettuce that is currently growing is just so tasty I am sure I will run out of the two planters that I have currently got.

I have used one of the planters I got from freecycle, filled it partially with the tonne of soil I bought for the potatoes (more on those later) and then topped off with potting compost.

I then made seven little holes with the best manual dibber in the business - my index finger.

Into each of these holes I dropped 1 or 2 seeds from the pack.

Seeds safely covered with compost, I have also put these little plastic covers to stop any birds from stealing the seedlings; lesson learned from my carrot experience.

Fingers crossed I have another really good harvest from this second planting. You can see the other lettuce in the background of the last picture above.

Around the rest of the garden, I have a taken a few pictures of various parts of the garden for progress reports.

Stuttgarter Giant Onions with seed pods on the upright ones; still not harvested ANY of my onions, starting to think I should pull one at least and see what it is like; maybe this weekend?

Karmen Red Onions again with seed pods

Red Sun shallots. These also have seed pods; I wasn't expecting them to do this but then, this is all an adventure of learning.

Casablanca Garlic growing well still. I have tasted this and it tastes of Garlic. Which is good.

The parsnips are growing quite well now...

... unlike the carrot bed which is slowly reverting to wilderness again :( dug with SUCH back breaking effort in the spring, and with zero productivity to show for it; another important lesson.

The potatoes in the background, looking very sorry for themselves, and the cabbage in the foreground, also looking slightly bedraggled and slug-eaten.

Some of the cabbage is doing ok, but a large amount of it has been eaten.

The sweetcorn is still growing, but not shooting up like I expected.

No extra photos of tomatoes for you this week, but I do have TWO small tomatoes growing, and loads more flowers ready to turn into them.

Anyway, I'll be back again soon with another installment.

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