Saturday, 14 July 2012

Did some weeding, took some pictures

Today the weather has been much much nicer.

I woke at about 6am needing the toilet and just caught the sun coming up out the front of the house.

The view from out of my bedroom window this morning

I have then taken advantage of the weather to go into the front garden, around the pond, and clear some of the nastier weeds (I don't want to destroy the wilderness feel, but these purple flowered things are a real pain in the arse around the garden; they get EVERYWHERE).

I filled three wheelbarrows with weeds, pulled up by the roots but sadly leaving a lot of matting behind.

This is a picture of the complex root system of this particular weed; it is so multi-coloured and the fine filaments spread everywhere and, without removing all the stones, it is really hard to eradicate.

After spending about 45 minutes clearing, I decided to take the new camera around the garden, and the following pictures are the outcome.

Arty farty shot looking across the pond to the bench.

A brightly coloured leaf that caught my eye.

An old rabbit cage at the front corner of the property; the smell from all the pine needles that have collected in this area is delightful.

The external tomato conglomeration.

Yellowed old growth on one of the external tomato plants

Slightly battered looking, but still thriving; an external Chilli plant.

Chive Flowers

The apple tree, very fruitful...

Detail of one apple.

(click to see this in close up... you'll be pleased you did!) a spiders web with a fly caught in it, on the apple tree.

Seed pods on the Shallots arching over the grass, and some more of the interesting purple flowers.

Shrubbery growing across in front of the long shed.

Looking back a bit further towards the house.

A seed pod, very like a dandelion head, but not a dandelion.

A fern type thing growing out of a crack in a tree in the front garden.

I have no idea what this is, but isn't it pretty.

Another very pretty cloud of flowers on a bush along the front of the front garden, on the road side. The smell from all the flowers as you walk past this section of the garden is incredible.

Another of these really pretty flowers.

A beautiful spread of cornflowers(?) by the front gate - I can't shut the gate now obviously.

What are these? I feel I should know this...

The dead cedar tree in the front garden (taken with my lying totally flat on my back)

The excretions of some insect or other, foamed onto a plant branch.

Seed pods ready to burst and spread their burden.

An insect on a flower, having a nice long drink.

Close up of external tomato plant flowers, with a casing of some sort attached to the leaf in the foreground. Question: should I remove these casings? Are they caterpillars, and when they hatch will they eat all my plants?

This picture is taken with a zoom, standing in the patio doors.

Just before I took this picture, a robin was perched eating the berries. It flew off and didn't return all afternoon :(

The cabbage patch, taken with the zoom again, standing in the patio doors.

I have one other picture to upload from this set (ANOTHER, I hear you cry?! Haven't you put enough on this post) but I have run out of space on this blog! Apparently you only get 1GB of storage on Picassa for free. So while I wait for my upgrade to come through (all of $2.99 a month) I will be unable to put any more pictures on here.

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