Saturday, 7 July 2012

Meandering around the garden

I do have some things that I need to do, which I will photograph and blog about, but for today, while the sun is shining (which does make such a change) I have just got a few random photographs of things I'm growing, both by choice, and in wilderness sections of the garden.

So, without further ado, here they are.

The forest of tomato plants inside; there are some peppers at the front, and three chilli plants in there too.

Shiny red apple on my lovely young Coxes Apple Tree

It's the Cabbage Patch, kids ;) little bit eaten, but still going strong

Slightly battered main bed potatoes, may need to harvest these soon..

Sweetcorn still growing well; though not as established as I hoped; may need to trim the overhanging trees back a bit.

On a walk around the garden, some beautiful flowers on a bush in the back garden. (Honesuckle - thanks @Clareyh) these are smelling absolutely incredible :)

Another beautiful flower. (A Briar Rose - again thanks @Clairyh)

The wilderness to the side of the main drive.

More beautiful flowers, this time on the other side of the drive.

Lilly plants on the pond

The wilderness by the pond; that big bush at the back is a massive blackberry bush and soon I will be able to start collecting fruit again.

The early blackberries... CANNOT wait!

Finally some strange looking flowers very low to the ground just in the wild area by the pond.

So there you have it, a few more photographs from around the garden.

I'm trying to buy myself a new camera (as these have all so far been taken on my camera phone) so hopefully the quality will improve once I manage to buy one at the price I want.

Coming up soon, I will be artificially inseminating my tomato plants. Oooh Errrr Missus!



  1. Honeysuckle and a Briar rose, not sure of the yellow ones but I have them too,the ones round the pond I'm not sure of but I know I know them ... :o)

    1. thank you - I've updated the page with this :)