Monday, 2 July 2012

Lettuce from the garden as a side

While I was weeding round yesterday I noticed that the lettuce was getting very crowded in one of the planters and thought to myself "I need to thin these out really".

Then, in the evening, while I was cooking myself a lasagne I thought "Oooh I'd love some salad with this, what a pity I didn't get any when I bought the lasagne when it hit me. I had the lettuce that I was planning on pulling out and throwing away.

As you can see, the bed is looking very congested, with a lot of small plants being smothered by the larger ones.

I pulled out the smallest plants; this is how your salad and vegetable should look just before preparation; with soil still on it.

My garden lettuce washed and ready to be plated up.

And here it is on my plate, barely 10 mins after it was growing in my garden.

I've eaten plenty of home grown herbs but this is the first of any of the "main crop" type plantings that I have harvested and eaten. It may seem like a small thing but I was so so excited! And it tasted absolutely divine, so well worth the growing.

I am considering starting another batch of lettuce off later today, to replace these as they are picked and eaten.


  1. Looks excellent. Nothing like eating your own produce! Well done!!

    1. Thank you :) it was such a nice thing to be able to do! Lettuce really is the "lazy man's produce" as it is so easy to grow, and so simple to prepare straight from the ground.