Friday, 20 July 2012

Artificial Insemination (of chillis)

I have been told many times that I will need to artificially inseminate my chilli plants with a little cotton wool bud so I decided, having looked at the flowers for a long time, to get round to it finally. These are the only four flowers that I have so far, though I have loads and LOADS of buds just waiting to turn into flowers.

The flowers are in there somewhere, honest.

The aim is to rub the cotton bud inside each flower and spread the love between the flowers

Don't be shy getting the tip right in there.

Hopefully now I'll have some nice chillis developing. I will continue to do this as more flowers show themselves.

Here's to really hot food, with my own chillis.

I know I said I'd not put pictures on here just for the sake of it, but the following photo of an apple on the tree is gorgeous (if I say so my self) and shows just how well they are doing, on this first year planted tree.


  1. Nice one, Bradders. I must get me some cotton buds! (I hear a blusher brush is also ideal for the pollination business.)

    1. :) I hope it works; I am hearing good things about these chillis from my mate who is a bit ahead of me and eating them already; nice and firey...

      hmmm I don't have a blusher brush laying around at home, funnily enough ;) not spare, anyway :)

  2. Blimey mate, Im only away for a week and I just read the title of your post. Clearly, we need to get to the pub soon!

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