Sunday, 15 July 2012

Flowers on my Chilli Plant

I have been thinking and the last few blog posts have been more suitable for a Photography blog rather than a Gardening blog, and I want this to be a Gardening blog.  So I have created myself a flickr account and will put all my photographs on there, with this blog refocusing on how things are growing.

Please do go across to my flickr and be impressed by my pictures if you want; I've put a link in my toolbox on the right --->

Anyway, back to the business of this blog.

Flowers on my chilli plant

The Chilli plant on the bedroom window sill is the first to flower! There are three flowers open, and a number of other buds looking like they are ready to go for it.

On inspection the three downstairs in the patio window are also looking very close to bursting open too.  This is very exciting as my mate at work has been eating his chillis for several weeks now.

This fellow has been a regular visitor to my garden, and is fearless, allowing me to get very close before even looking up. This was taken with a zoom lens, though, as he was happily pecking away and cleaning himself.

This is why I chase cats out of my garden; they kill birds.

Evidence of another visitor. I have a family of Blackbirds living in the trees who often hop around the patio and grass.

So, that is it for today.

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