Monday, 30 April 2012

What I am growing (plus a cracking link - facebook)

So I decided to do a quick plan of our back garden showing where things are growing at this stage (obviously this will become out of date relatively quickly so, yeah...)

I can't really dig up any more of the grass else my girlfriend will shout at me (and the landlord may have a comment to make too...)

Not included in this (yet) are the chillis, tomatoes, mint, peppers and mushrooms that I am cultivating inside.

Also a useful idea I picked up off a friend's facebook (sadly I can't find the link but credit where it is due for this) is this:
I am going to make one myself later today and I will update this post with a picture of the result (and whether it works or not!)

Also this idea is a particularly cracking one, and one I will definitely try next year (I have whisky cabinets to build this year so that will take all my wood working skills up for the time being) is this:

Again credit where it is due and I have a link this time: which is on the facebook page along with a load of other cool ideas (though I really do think this one is the best) so get along there if you want.

Finally, a little technical tip picked up from a book that the almost-inlaws gave me for my birthday. If you are trying to do a compost heap, turn it regularly. I have not been doing this and when I tried to the other day it proved VERY difficult, especially as I have one of those plastic bin things with limited access and sharp edges (which shredded my hands while I was trying to fork the forking thing over)...

So there you are, top hot tip of the day.

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