Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Quack Quack, and some cool progress

So this morning as we left for work (the thing that forces this to be a part time occupation) we noticed a couple of ducks in our pond!! It was REALLY windy last night so I can only presume that they had been blown off course in the night and taken a rest stop (they aren't here now after work which has gutted me no end!) but anyway, I jumped out the car and took a few quick snaps, the best of which is below...

Just think, if they'd stopped here I could have had my own crispy fried duck in pancakes later in the year ;)

Anyway, enough of that, I have my progress pics of growth in the last week, and there is some good stuff to be seen here :)

So, following (labels below the pictures)

Stuttgarter Giant Onions - these are going great guns... amazing progress :)

Karmen Onions - not such great progress, but considering they took a good few weeks longer to show any green at all, I'm happy they are now coming on strong.

Red Sun Shallots - they have really come on well, though it looks like two of the bulbs(?) have not germinated at all. Oh well.

Casablanca Garlic - the first to green, and now pretty static. I'm interested to see what spurt they put on as the weather warms up.

My Coxes Apple Tree - really showing some signs of blossoming :) so so exciting to watch this every day!

And last but not least, the herb garden. Again, doing very well for having VERY little attention.

I have been watering these every other day during the sunny period we had over the last couple of weeks, though the storms last night deposited enough water that I shouldn't need to water them for a bit.

My potatoes are not showing any green at all (hence no photographs - if you want to see what they look like then please review an earlier post ;)...)

I've also planted some chillis given by a friend, but they have not shown anything yet and I think the fact I don't have a warm place to germinate them (or a greenhouse for them) is maybe going to make that a failure. My greenhouses are on their way though so hopefully I'll have another look at them when I receive a house for them.

I've been very lazy last week or so, since the last blast of digging! I did feel very guilty while out just now though, I really should finish the digging of my beds and plant some more stuff.

But that is the reality of being a part time homesteader, sometimes the garden takes a back seat.

Hopefully next entry I'll be telling you about a pleasant time spent weeding and digging again.


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