Sunday, 1 April 2012

A weekend of digging...

So I spent all Saturday digging, and started doing so on Sunday (until the weather tempted me too much to lay on the grass reading and relaxing....

But before my laziness took over, I managed to extend the vegetable patch half way across the back of the garden, and also started a couple of feet of patch on the right hand side to extend it back towards the house.

So a few pics coming up, starting with my new pride and joy, the light of my life:

My new All Steel Spade (buy one yourself here)

The All Steel Spade as I'm about to use it :)

This is how the bed looked after Friday evening's effort

And this is at the end of Saturday... that was HARD work!

The view of the garden on Sunday early morning (note the light frost.... oooh don't kill my veg nasty mr frost!)

And the view just now showing the extended bed to the left of the picture, and the tiny little start to the right hand bed. I will be planting potatoes and carrots in the left hand bed tomorrow after work.

So, this weekend I have really gone for it, proving the even for a Part Time Homesteader sometimes you DO need to put a lot of effort in for prep.

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