Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The ducks are back (and my herbs are rampant)

Two blogs in two days!!

Am I going MAD, I hear your cry...

Well no. I had no plans to write another blog post but last night, as I was heading to bed, I glanced up and saw the two ducks, which I thought had disappeared for the duration, were happily swimming around our pond.

Out the camera came and I managed to capture the following photographs.

This was the sight I saw out the window; the pond needs clearing (a task for a non-windy day) but the ducks were happily swimming around.

They then hopped out and started eating weeds and paddling in the little pools around the wild area (where my blackberries will be growing later in the year)

I then went upstairs to get a better picture but they had left however, as you can see from this photograph of the pond, they had happily swum around the whole thing a couple of times. I'm now tempted to leave the weed and check every day to see if they come back (the landlord may not like that as he's asked if I'll scrape it off for him).

In a hopeful mood I went round to the back, thinking they may have gone to grub there (I have been seeing duck shit in the garden a couple of times) but while they weren't there, the sun was glinting on the lovely pink blossom on my tree. It is a good thing I took the picture because today the storm has come in again and a lot of that blossom is currently spread over the grass.

Finally for the pictures, I have been SO impressed by how the herbs are coming on, particularly the Parsley. It is like a mini tree right now:

Onto other, more technical, matters. I have brought the chillis inside again as the weather really isn't right for them and they were looking a little sad when I got back from work; these are now in the window next to my multiple tomato seedlings :)

I am also going to do a couple of more technical blogs in the next couple of days, describing how I have gone about this so far, and highlighting any mistakes I have made (and there are a few).

Thanks for reading, and please do get involved with any questions, or advice. All gratefully received.

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