Sunday, 1 April 2012

Growing Progress

My onions, shallots and garlic are growing really well :)

So, while I am dig dig digging for the rest of the vegetable patch this'll have to keep your avid interest in my garden at bay for another day or so.....

The Stuttgarter Giant Onions

The Karmen Onions

The Red Sun Shallots

The Casablanca Garlic

The Apple Tree budding... oooooh YEAHHH!!

Right, I'm going to go outside for another whole day of digging.  The new All Steel Spade is epic, but this is really hard work as I'm having to dig through turf and pull out a large amount of roots and glass and metal and plastic and whatever crap has been buried when the garden was laid.

Remembering the purpose of this blog, I think this is something to add to the lexicon of knowledge about Part Time Homesteading - if you have prepared ground then it's very easy to do this part time however, as soon as you need to do what I'm doing now you need to be able to dedicate hours and hours to digging and breaking ground in prep. The good news is that next year it won't be as hard to prepare for growing.

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