Sunday, 29 April 2012

Scraping the pond

My landlord has asked me to clear the pond weed from the pond in the front garden.

The lesson to be learned from this experience is; do NOT get a pond unless you want a lot of time spent in soul destroying work getting rid of this horrible scum.

First off though, it is pretty obvious that the ducks have been back again :)

(it'll be slightly sad when the scum is gone and I won't be able to see evidence of their visits any more)

So the process of cleaning the pond is to get a fish net and sweep it carefully across the surface (these weeds do not have long roots and just float on the surface of the water). Following is a set of three action shot style :)

Don't you love my wellies :)

One of the biggest challenges I had was the fact I was picking up LOADS of water snails and couldn't avoid them at all... if anyone has any hints / tips as to how to avoid killing off all the wildlife during this process please leave a comment..

After about 2 hours I got bored and went inside to relax however I have just got back from a weekend walking in the lakes and I must have made some difference because the pond is looking a LOT clearer:
This could, of course, have been caused by the high winds and rain here right now...

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