Monday, 30 April 2012

A small post with a progress update

This is just a quick update with some pictures and things about the progress I am seeing:

We are seeing the start of the second leaves from the tomato plants (pictured) and the remaining chili plants. Two of them have now died sadly :(

The apple tree is looking awesome now!

I also went round and weeded every bed; it took me about 45 mins in total to do it in detail with bare hands and by the end of it I had a very small volume of weeds, but now I know there are none of the little blighters waiting to take over the space and crowd out my crops.

Finally, I counted my potato plants and I have 17 plants coming through in the main bed,and five growing in the old car tire. Pretty excited by that.

I have planted some mint in a plant pot too, so we will see what happens with that over the next few days.

And I have been recommended to try and grow some sweetcorn so that will be my next crop to work out (thanks @andyfereday67 for the recommends)


I do also want to thank everyone who reads this blog, and invite you all to comment and discuss and advise and criticise in any way you think would help me - I really am a beginner at this so all advice gratefully received.

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