Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Storm Disaster!

There was a storm last night, high winds and rain such that it woke us up howling through the windows and, as I lay there I thought "I wonder if the greenhouse is ok; nah it'll be fine I have it tight up against the house" so I stayed in my warm bed...

... what a bad mistake!

This is what I came down to this morning!!

This was taken at 6am this morning and I was out in my shorts in the pissing rain and howling wind! Talk about gutted.

The planter with the seedlings in had landed upside down and exploded soil EVERYWHERE! While I wanted to dive straight in and save what I could, work called (the perils of being a part time homesteader you see).

Thankfully I spent the day working out a solution (which is better than I would have achieved half naked, freezing and soaked to the skin at 6am) so we now have...

I have firmly pegged the base down onto the grass with alternating directionality on the pegs. Hopefully this will be proof against the winds of the Irish sea...

I have saved ten seedlings, though a couple are looking a little battered and unhappy; fingers crossed the recover fully.

The firmly pegged down greenhouse, more in the sun than the previous location, and also hopefully less auto-mobile.

What a shock it was this morning, think I've calmed down now.

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