Monday, 18 February 2013

Progress including Foxgloves and Chillis with pictures taken over two days

Today I have a double update for you. On Saturday (16th Jan) I went round and took a load of update pictures of all the seedlings and plants for an update which I planned to do on the Sunday.

But then I got distracted and busy and didn't do the update.

So, this morning I went round and took some MORE progress pictures because so much exciting progress had happened.

So without any further ado first off the progress report from Saturday 16th January....

The Geranium seedling; the first of the seedlings to show in the heated propagator.

Tiny foxglove seedlings poking through the soil.

A pioneering Crossley Special Chilli breaking through into the sunlight.

Onion seedlings, still not dead despite all the weather and (probably stupid on my part) decisions made over the winter; now I just hope they start to thrive and I get a good crop.

Broccoli still alive as well and thriving the best of all the early outdoor plantings.

Lettuce seedlings still struggling along and doing their best to not die in the cold weather.

Shop bought chives still underneath the cloche and surviving much better now it's in its larger pot and has space to spread its roots.

Shop bought coriander still looking slightly floppy but much better than if I hadn't potted it out; I am confident now that this will thrive.

The whole mint plant, showing how they put out spreading shoots to try and root in the soil next to the main stem.

The Citrus Tree. It is amazing how much this has grown, with the new growth clearly visible. Over the winter this has put on at least 6 inches of new growth. Outstanding effort.

The seed grown coriander still looks very sad and droopy but I feel it is happier than it was. Fingers crossed this will establish itself within the new compost and grow into plants which I can give away.

The healthiest of the seed grown coriander plants. This really does look like it has steadied itself and will be able to grow and become fruitful.

So there you have it; the update from Saturday.

Now are pictures taken this morning and the progress, particularly of the Chilli plants, is amazing.

Another Crossley Special Chilli showing itself to the world. This has probably only been above the earth for a couple of hours tops.

The Crossley Special Chilli which I showed you earlier in this update take two days later; can you believe how fast seedlings grow!

Another Crossley Special getting its head about the compost.

In all I have five out of the six Crossley Special Chilli seeds now above the compost and showing green. This is outstanding! Sadly there is nothing yet from the Ghost Chillis but I am patient.

A couple of days and the foxgloves have also had a growth spurt. This, to me, is one of my favourite times for growing things - the excitement of waiting for the plants to appear and then the speed at which they grow is just outstanding!

So, that is everything I have to show you today. I find it so inspiring to watch the progress and share it with you.

I hope you are all growing and seeing good progress with your plants.


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