Saturday, 16 February 2013

Planting carrots and parsnips in toilet rolls

Over the Christmas holidays my uncle gave me a tip. He said that, if you want to grow straight carrots and parsnips easily then take toilet rolls and fill each with compost and plant one seed per toilet roll.

I have been waiting for the opportunity to try this out and today I finally got the chance.

I have spent the last 4 weeks collecting toilet rolls, both at home and at my business, and also at my place of work. I have collected a lot of toilet rolls!

I also have bought a couple of plastic boxes to use as the trays.

The two trays with toilet rolls assigned, on the left for parsnips, and carrots on the right.

My first attempt to fill a toilet roll with compost. Unfortunately as soon as I picked it up the soil fell out the bottom; this is something that would obviously happen and I was just stupid to not consider that.

The first toilet roll filled with compost. I ended up filling it up individually by hand.

All the toilet rolls filled with compost and ready for planting.

This is a single parsnip seed. I had forgotten just how light and floaty and unusual they were.

The parsnip seed placed carefully in the toilet roll and ready to be pushed a couple of mm under the soil.

Carrot seeds on the palm of my hand; these ones are very tiny.

The carrot seed placed into a toilet roll full of compost and ready to be pushed under the soil.

Once each seed was planted and pushed under the soil I pulled the trays inside and placed them near a radiator (but not too near as that would cause them to get too hot) so they can be warm enough to germinate.

I then covered the bottom of the trays with water, which will be drawn up through the compost as the compost dries out, meaning the seed has a better likelihood of germinating too.

So there you have it. My Uncle's tip for growing carrots and parsnips in toilet rolls.

I have two other things to update you on. First of all, I noticed what looks like bluebells starting to come through in the back garden.

I think these are bluebells? There are three or four clumps and I can't wait til the flowers open!

Secondly, while today I have cooked some rabbit stew which I am about to eat shortly, a new addition to our household has arrived:

This is Sassy. She is a 9 week old rabbit. Very very cute!

Anyway, I have another update for you for tomorrow, showing progress on all the other plants.



  1. Think they are daffodils rather than bluebells, as they don't usually flower until much later - April/May time.
    Great idea though from Uncle John!!

    1. I was hoping someone would come along and put my stupid right :) cheers :D xx