Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Just Chillis

The blog post today is going to be quite short, but really very excited.

This morning I went round before work and took photographs of the chilli seedlings in the heated propagator, and there is some awesome progress to report.

Here come the pictures:

This is the first Ghost Chilli seedling to pop through. First sight of this seedling was only a couple of days ago and it is amazing to me just how quickly the plant grows in the first few days.

Crossley Special chillis in tray one, the slightly limp looking one at the back is the last seedling to show. Yes, I now have six from six of the Crossley Specials up and as seedlings.

Tray two of the Crossley Specials. The large happy looking plant at the front is the first seedling to show and it is looking very strong indeed.

The third tray of Crossley Special Chillis.

I think I will leave it another week or two before I transfer these seedlings into their intermediate size pots. This is an issue, though, because I am out of space in my heated propagator and I have just taken delivery of some Birdseye chilli seeds and a small number of Kerela seeds from a friend at work and both of these seeds will need the extra heat provided by the propagator.

I can sense another shopping trip coming on.

Whoops :)

Anyway, keep growing. Catch you soon.

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  1. Remember those 1st leaves are really handles ok? Looking good!! :o)