Saturday, 23 February 2013

Progress and getting seeds from the birdseyes

This is a multi-purpose update for you today.

First of all, some progress:

I have now got two Ghost Chilli seedlings!! How awesome is that! The second one appeared a couple of days ago and has done the usual of bursting upwards and then pausing slightly.

There is still only one Geranium seedling, however this one is growing really really well, with second growth showing now. From my experience last year, now we have second growth this will probably start shooting up again once the second leaves open up.

So, that is the brief update. The other plants are doing well still, just there was nothing specific to update you all on.

Secondly for this update I have been given a couple of dried chillis by a mate and today I got round to harvesting the seeds.

The two Birsdeye chillis that I was given, expertly dried (I shall have to find out how this was done; Jon if you would care to comment on this post with your tips?)

I broke apart the chilli using the sharp tip of the Stanley knife and the seeds literally burst out.

This now nicely segues into the final section of this post; the TicTac tip. This is all the seeds I got from the Birdseye chilis and I am storing them in empty tic tac boxes.

I have also transferred the remaining Crossley Special seeds into a tic tac box.

Finally four seeds which I am very excited about; the Kerela seeds. I eat a LOT of "rice and three" curries and my favourite curry house does a dish called "Keema and Bitter" which is the best of the lot; the Kerela vegetable is that which gives this meal it's amazing bitter kick and I am going to be trying to grow this. I am waiting until I have moved some of the seedlings out of the heated propagator so I can put these in.

Anyway, that's the update. Thanks for reading.

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