Thursday, 28 June 2012

While I do nothing, nature grows

As promised I have been out and taken pictures of everything that is growing. Things are looking very fruitful.

So, without any further ado, please see below.

The Thyme



Sadly, the Rosemary started to break through, but didn't shed it's seed wrapper and I didn't spot it in time to try and save it.

Flowers on the shop bought Thai Corriander (I think it's that anyway)

The peppers, still in small pots inside (probably ready for upgrading soon)

Indoor chilli plants; the ones outdoors are rather less impressive looking!

Indoor tomato plants; these are growing very impressively and have flowers on them already

One of the hanging basket tomato plants, sadly the main trunk appears quite badly damaged, following the storms of the last few weeks

The other tomato plant in the same hanging basket as above. Looking much more healthy.

Herb garden, looking slightly battered from the storms, but still fruitful. The parsley was thinned in a drastic manner by hillbilly. In the background are lots more tomato plants, all of them more squat with very thick trunks having survived the weather.

Apples :) in total there are 16 fruits on the tree

Stuttgarter Giant Onions

Karmen Red Onions

Red Sun Shallots (with major weeding required behind the plot)

Casablanca Garlic

A healthy looking row of parsnips

The single surviving tomato plant

Cabbages growing well under netting

Lettuces looking promising too

The main bed potatoes, in need of earthing up AGAIN

A potato flower; I didn't even know they had flowers!

Last but not least the sweetcorn bed.

So there you have it, not much difference to the last time I updated, but it is still interesting to see how things are growing.

Plenty of weeding is required over the weekend, with clearing behind the beds almost as important as picking out the invaders which are springing up faster and faster all the time.

Thanks for the comments and interaction via twitter and facebook; I do love just how many people out there are attempting to grow their own and are sharing their experiences to assist other people.

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