Thursday, 14 June 2012

Clearing the front ditch, wild flowers, and tomato flowers

Sorry for the delay in blogging; life got in the way and there hasn't really been that much to report.

But I am back and I will be updating this a bit more regularly again as things start to happen in the garden.

So today's update has a couple of sections.

First of all, taken a few days ago, the first of the tomato flowers starting to develop:

The flowers are quite hard to spot, but are right in the middle of the picture below the new growth at the top of the plant :)

Secondly (and as an entry into the "I have worse weeding troubles than you" competition that I appear to be in with @izbrian) I have recently cleared the horrendous mess that the front ditch had become.

Before; there is a ditch with water in it somewhere down there...

During; I have been in the ditch in my wellies and pulled two wheelbarrows full of weeds out of the water.

After; grass cut, ditch much clearer and me feeling good about myself.

This little fella swam past me as I was clearing the ditch, not the only frog I saw while doing this either.

Finally a selection of photographs taken today of flowers around the front garden. These are all wild flowers, none cultivated by me at all. I just thought it was incredibly pretty so here they are for your pleasure (and don't even try and ask me what they are... if you know what they are then please let me know and I'll update to identify):

So, there you have it. What a pretty garden. I've given away a LOT of tomato plants to various people, and the ones I am keeping are all doing very well. The potatoes need more earthing up and I've run out of earth to "up" them with so that is something I need to solve very soon (one or two of the plants looking a little unwell as they've been exposed to the elements a bit too much)

I'll post again soon I promise.

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