Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A ton of soil is a LOT of soil

The potatoes have, as previously described, been growing too fast for me to cover them up using soil dug out of other parts in my garden so I decided to get myself a ton of topsoil to sidestep the problem.

This was delivered yesterday and wow a ton of soil is a lot.

The soil ready for moving to the potatoes.

I bought this soil from Springbridge: the link is here. This was a VERY easy transaction, and their delivery driver dropped it off exactly where requested on the form, despite the fact I was at work when it was delivered.

So, with the soil delivered all I had to do was cart it down the garden to the potatoes.

It took six or seven loads of the wheelbarrow to cover everything to my satisfaction

The potatoes in the car tyres are doing really well, I'm now up to five tyres high!

This is the main bed potatoes, before I covered them...

... and this is after.

Now I have a little bit of very good advice: If I were to grow potatoes again I would do them ALL in the tyres (or the clever wooden frame linked elsewhere on this site) as it is proving a COMPLETE pain in the rear to earth up these main beds.  I have heard someone saying you can also grow the potatoes length ways, by leaning the plants over as you earth up; obviously most of my plants I can't do that with as they're planted closely together but that could be another option; plant each seed potato at the head of a defined trench (between retaining walls) and every now and then lean it over GENTLY and earth it over, guiding it down the prepared trench.

Anyone with any additional thoughts on this please do contribute :)

Finally, a few more pictures of flowers around the garden that I took this morning before leaving for work.

 A potato flower :)

 A rose - gorgeous
 The bush with the above rose on it

Blackberry blossom :)

right, enjoy :) that's my lunch time done with..

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