Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The incredible therapy available through the simple expedient of Cutting the Grass

Last night, for the first time for a few weeks, I went out and cut the back lawn.

I was feeling really crap, really REALLY crap actually, but as I pushed the mower over the grass, watching the lengths of tidiness extending behind me, the simple pleasure of just achieving something, no matter how small, spread through me.

Tonight I will explore this by experimenting with the soothing nature of weeding; once again I have left my veg beds a little too long and I could see a fair amount of weeds encroaching when I cut the grass next to them.

I will try and take some pictures for you of the current progress (the cabbages were looking quite strong yesterday) but for today here are a couple of juicy specimens taking a load off on our pond side bench.

Where was my .22 when I needed it!

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