Friday, 10 August 2012

Tomatoes, ants, a spider and a frog

Unfortunately, while the title of this blog may sound like the beginning to one of those not-very-funny jokes, it isn't.

What is IS (to the certain joy of some of my regular readers) is a blog post with multiple pictures of tomatoes.

While I was hanging the washing out today I noticed that I appear to have a large number of tomatoes suddenly appeared on the outside plants; I have no new ones on the inside one though.

So, without any further ado...

An outside tomato!

Another couple of outside tomatoes

And again

A tomato, and a chive flower


Another thing that I noticed while I was putting the washing out was about a million ants crawling and climbing everywhere, a lot of them with wings...

Yes, all those little black dots are ants... THAAAHHHSANDS of em!

While I was avoiding the ants by standing on the grass I noticed this TINY frog hopping around. We seem to have a LOT of frogs in our garden, I saw a massive one the other day when I was pulling weeds around the pond.

I saw this angle, and couldn't resist taking a picture. I like spiders as they eat horrible biting mosquitoes and dirty flies.

I know this picture isn't really that different from the update the other day, but I'm so excited by the progress on the chillis that I have another couple from the Bedroom Window Sill Plant

The largest chillis

Slightly smaller chillis starting to go for it.

And finally, the chilli plants down stairs have a fair crop going on them now too

Lots of little chillis on the downstairs plants.

So there you are, tomato updates and wildlife and chillis.

I will be digging out the tomatoes soon I think, this weekend maybe, so I'll update when I've done that.

My onions and shallots have dried very successfully by the back door just on the floor; which is good. When my cooker gets fixed I'll eat them!


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  1. We've had a lot of frogs in our garden this year also. Difficult to tell whether we've had more this year than last, but they certainly like to take shelter under my forest of brassicas during the day. Guarding them from creepy crawlies I suspect. ;-)

    My peppers are taking an age to develop. I swear, I've been watching two flowers take a week to open. After all of that, I accidentally knocked one of them off! Hopefully I'll seem some signs of development on the pepper plants soon. There are a load more buds developing now. I think the two pepper plants I have in hanging baskets are doing less well than those I have in a 'wheelie bed' though. We'll see. :-)