Sunday, 12 August 2012

A burger with home grown lettuce and onion

Today my blog post is a celebratory one.  It is a blog post which contains the "why" for all the "what" and "how" that fills all the other posts.

Yesterday, I had a BBQ picnic in the back garden with my lovely girlfriend, and the onion and lettuce that we ate were grown from the very soil we were sitting on!

This is why you grow you own food; so you can eat it. This may seem like an obvious statement, but sometimes I have to remind myself.

Anyway, obviously, my camera was handy and so I took a large number of photographs of the inaugural tasting of my home grown onions (and repeat performance of the same of my lettuce) and I present them to you below.

Fresh onions, dried for the last two weeks or so on the mat by the back down, still with dirt on their outer skins

The first cut, a lovely and juicy onion it is too

Skinned and ready for slicing

Sliced and ready for dicing

Diced and ready for eating.... ok ok I'll stop now

Starting to make up the burger; home grown onions on the left, home grown lettuce (picked about five minutes at this point) on the right, and lovely super strong cheddar in the middle. I cannot wait until I am eating my own cheese and using home made barms too!

J making up her burger; Profanosaurus Rex as a plate.

The burger meat nestled perfectly on the lettuce, cheese making the base

Adding the final touch; the onion

Mmmmph mmhph mmmmph tasty!!

So there you have it. Are you hungry now?

Oh, while we were eating this I noticed a dragon fly sat on a brick so took a couple of pictures of it too

Isn't nature wonderful.

I still haven't got round to digging out the potatoes. I'm so bad.

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