Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Picking Blackberries

I have been admiring the developing bloom of blackberries that have been spreading around the edges of my garden and yesterday, with the sun finally shining in this summer, I decided to go round and harvest as many as I could reach.

A cluster of berries waiting to be harvested

Loadsa berries!

And again

I don't have a photograph, but I had to get my ladders out to reach these fruits as they were all about 8 feet above the ground, and over a swampy area of the garden (which has become a small pond in the recent wet weather).

After about twenty minutes of gathering I had collected quite a satisfactory pile of amazingly fresh fruit

All these fruit were collected from near the car port.

I also went to the bushes by the entrance to the drive, and round near the pond, and ended up with a nearly full pot.

Blackberry bushes have natural defences though :)

So, these berries have been added to the pile still frozen from last year and I will be making another blackberry crumble in the near future.

Any other ideas for blackberry based foodstuffs please do suggest away.

One of my blogs wouldn't be complete without a picture of some tomatoes, and there are LOADS on this plant, one of my most fruitful external plants. How many tomatoes can you spot? (click the picture to see it big, as per usual)

Anyway, enjoy

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  1. Nine!! I see nine....do I get a prize? Maybe a portion of Blackberry Crumble??