Monday, 11 March 2013

The snow came back and might have killed my plants!

My planned blog post of today has been postponed and hijacked by the vagaries of English weather. Today, after all my talk of "hopefully the frosts are over" etc etc, it snowed.

And not just a light dusting; it was down to -4 and for periods of the day the blizzards were so thick they reduced visibility quite substantially.

Last night I looked outside and thought "I'm going to go out put my cloches back on" but I forgot by the time I got back home. And boy do I wish I hadn't forgotten.

This is what I came home to; these are some new compost bags I bought yesterday (125L each and they weigh a ton!).

The shop bought Coriander, which only a few days ago was looking sprightly and alive, is now hanging over the edge of the pot and looking dead. The leaves feel claggy and sticky and the snow, while only a centimetre or so deep, is sticky as well. This plant is NOT looking very well.

The Chives are not looking much better and also have the limp, sticky unhappy feel when you touch them. This is because, I think, the cells have frozen and burst. I REALLY hope I haven't killed them!

I have brought both the Coriander and the Chives inside to the warm to attempt to revive them. Fingers firmly crossed (from you as well, please!) that they get better. In the background you can see the repotted Geranium - thank goodness I didn't put that outside the other day too...

Just quickly to review the state of the plants which are remaining outside (as they are an experiment in "what happens when...")

The snow very nicely sets off the Broccoli here which appears to be taking the snow in it's stride, but is still looking a little nibbled.

The least successful of all these outside plants remains, as per, the Lettuce. That tiny splash of green is, I promise you, a Lettuce seedling. I will be surprised to get any harvest; I remain hopeful though.

Last but not least the Onion spikes still alive and looking very much the same as they did pre-snow. Onions seem to be REALLY tough!

While I am on the slightly "disaster" themed update, I did stupid last night and managed to knock one of my self watering planters off the windowsill; the one which had a tomato seedling in it. And yes the seedling did fall out onto the floor in a pile of soil :(

Fortunately I was able to pick it up and avoid damaging its roots too much so it is now sat back in place and, about 16 hours after the accident, is still looking healthy and alive. *wipes brow*.

Anyway, the blog I had planned for today (planting Begonias) I will now push out there tomorrow. I can't be doing two blogs in one day now, can I!

Keep growing.

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