Sunday, 10 March 2013

Learning my lesson and repotting my carrots

So as promised yesterday the blog post today is a demonstration that yes, I CAN learn from previous mistakes.

If you remember when I re-potted the Crossley Specials they started to droop pretty much immediately and I worked out that this was because of the temperature of the compost I was moving them into.

Well, I have decided (because of the mildew in the Carrots) to re-pot the carrots (and originally I was going to do the Parsnips but I have ultimately decided against this)...

On Saturday I gathered together the containers that I am planning on putting the Carrots and Parsnips into. The terracotta pot at the back was ultimately discarded.

I have filled each container with compost to quite a good depth as you can see.

I am also going to re-pot the Geraniums and I have decided to use these two pots for this; once again, filled with very cold potting compost.

And this is the evidence of me learning; I have brought the containers in and put them next to a radiator so that they lose the dead cold from this horrible weather we are having at the moment and hopefully the seedlings will thrive a bit better immediately.

*over night break*

This morning I was up early and managed to recover most of the toilet rolls with Carrot seedlings in them. This is the first one which I set into the new compost. Fingers crossed the mildew goes soon. The compost inside the toilet roll was totally sodden though.

I have filled up one of the containers completely, and the other one has a few seedlings in. I am finding that growing Carrots is much harder than I expected - having lost all of them last year. My fingers are, however, firmly crossed.

The Geraniums are very much ready for re-potting; well at least one of them is really well grown and the other is a little smaller but still ready for re-potting I think.

The larger of the two Geranium seedlings safely re-potted into the dirty white flower pot and, as you can see, has been watered in slightly.

So, there you are - I can learn from my mistakes (and I will report back on how healthy the seedlings are when I next post a blog).

Keep planting.

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