Sunday, 3 March 2013

Repotting the Crossley Specials and replacing them in the Heated Propagator

As the Crossley Special chillis have made such outstanding progress I have decided to re-pot them out into bigger pots, making space for some other seeds to be started off in the heated propagator.

The three heated propagator trays with Crossley Special chillis in them.

The larger pots ready for compost putting in them.

A larger pot filled with compost prior to creating the hole.

All the pots with compost in them. An issue (ignored due to impatience) is the compost is very cold having been stored outside, and the seedlings are currently in lovely warm compost having been on the heated propagator.

Look closely and you will see that I have dug a depression into this compost ready to accept the new seedling.

Two seedlings ready for re-potting.

Very carefully moving a seedling by pushing my hand right underneath and avoiding disturbing the root system.

One Crossley Special seedling safely transferred and (fingers firmly crossed) happy in it's new home.

Having freed up these three trays I am now going to plant three more different seeds.

First of all a couple of Birdseye chilli seeds nestling in the palm of my hand.

The Birdseye chilis in the compost before they are covered over.

The Kerela seeds in the compost; I have no idea what will happen with these but hey, I may as well give it a go...

Two Globe Artichoke seeds prior to planting.

The Globe Artichoke seeds in the compost.

I have brought these large pots into the front room which is the warmest room in the house and now I have to hope that they take to their new homes. I am writing this about three hours after planting and sadly I can report right now that they are ALL looking very limp and unhappy. I think this could be because I have not warmed the compost prior to repotting.

I will keep you informed about what happens; Seriously hope I haven't killed them!

Keep planting :)

Edit **** Edit **** Edit **** Edit

I am updating this on the Sunday morning. It looks like the seedlings are going to make it!

This is a sad looking seedling struggling with the change in environment, specifically the heat in the soil.

However, I have come down this morning and...

This Crossley Special has recovered to be upright, though you can see evidence of stress in the tips of the leaves as they are still slightly curled up.

This one, on the other hand, looks completely happy and there is no evidence that it ever drooped or suffered any stress at all in the process.

I am carefully watering these in; I went to sleep last night worrying about them hah :) Fingers crossed they continue this path of surviving and are happy in the next pots.


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